Challenge 025: Language

And here we are at Challenge Number 25!

wolfraven80 has provided us with the theme Language.

"Is it your mother tongue or your second language? The language of the heart or the language of flowers? Sign language or body language? Whatever it is you want to say, whether the truth, a lie, or something in between, language is the medium."

Please submit entries between 500 and 5000 words in length.  Entries for this challenge due on Saturday, July 27, by 1159 PM EDT.

Happy Writing!

Challenge 024: Voting

All right, let's vote!


Please vote for THREE entries - no more or less - using the correct letter, title, and author, and comment here with your choices. Votes are screened. Only members and watchers may vote. Everyone who submitted an entry should also feel free to vote!

Example vote:
1st - B, title, Author
2nd - A, title, Author

Winners will be determined on a "points" scale.

3rd place - 1 point
2nd place - 2 points
1st place - 3 points

And the person with the most points after the voting is tallied wins! Votes are due by 1159 PM on Sunday, 6/2.

The entries:

A: "Buried Beneath" by writerawakened

B: "Flight" by wolfraven80

C: "It's a Trap!" by crimsonmorgan

[Challenge 024] : Buried Beneath

Title: Buried Beneath
Game: FE7...ish
Word Count: ~4,709
Characters: Some guy named Arvid and a girl named Lynne
A/N: Few hours late, but better late than never, right? This isn't technically an AU. Alternate Universe would imply familiar characters in an alternate world. This fic is a bit different. The world itself is the same...just, seven hundred years in the future. Apologies in advance if LJ eats all the formatting.

As usual, hope you all enjoy!

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Challenge 024 Extension

Well, we've had multiple requests for an extension, so the new deadline for Challenge 024 (AU) will be two weeks out: Saturday, May 11th, at 1159 PM.

To those who've already submitted your pieces, we're making a special offer: feel free to revise and resubmit your entry.  We don't usually do this, but given the scope of this challenge and the work you've put into trying to make the deadline and the word count, if you want those extra two weeks, have at it.

However, so as not to move the goal posts indefinitely this will be the one and only extension offered for this particular challenge. :)

Happy writing!
FE:TSS S/E Glimpse

[Challenge 024] Flight

Title: Flight
Game: FE8
Word Count: 5,199
Characters/Pairing: Tana, Seth/Eirika
Comments: When I saw this was AU and that queenlua had specifically mentioned World War I, I couldn’t help it–I just had to go and write another piece for my WWI collection, Grey. No need to read the earlier chapters as this piece functions as a stand-alone. I managed to trim as per our admin’s suggestion and got it down to 5199 according to my word count software.

Also posted on ffnet here

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